How to Help a Girl Out (A quick step guide to helping your friends on social media)

I can’t speak for anyone else but from my personal experience when you set off on an endeavor, (No matter what it may be) the thing out of the mouths of anyone who cares more than diddly squat about you will ask some variation of the same question.

“How can I help?” 

A kind and considerate question that when faced with on the spot makes many of us new business owners mutter a very intelligent sounding “uhhhhhhh”. If we are really on the ball that day we may stammer something about it being cool if you “like” some of the things we post. (Helpful, I know) 


Well today let’s answer the question. Flat out. No stammers, no pauses, no wondering if it is asking to much. So without further ado here are some quick and easy ways to help a girl (Or guy) out.

  1. Like, Follow, Share
    The easiest step and the one involving the least amount of commitment. Does your friend have a Facebook like page? How about an Instagram? A Twitter? No matter what the format do exactly what the title implies. Like or follow their account and if you’re the really cool bean we all know you are, SHARE!IMG_2439.JPG
  2. Leave a Review
    So you liked their page. You have done your friend duty! But let’s say you are an overachiever. You want to do MORE! Your next step is leave a review. (You know, a good one 😉 )  And let us be clear I am not talking “She takes nice pictures” or “10 out of 10 would recommend”. While both of these are flattering, neither of them do long term good. From the perspective of a business owner the goal of reviews is to reflect on your experience as a client! How did they make you feel? What was something special they did? Why should someone looking at your review hire them?  To give you an idea of what your friend may be looking for here is an example of a review that made me tear up. ( That’s right. Aim for tears, people.)Screenshot 2017-06-22 22.05.15.pngNow this review lines up with my business and reflects on the Amelia Petrus Photography experience so this exact review may not work for your friend! What makes them special? No matter what you put though they will be so thrilled you took time out of your day to share your perspective.If you are still reading let me commend you. You are one committed friend. Gold star for you! Now onward to Step 3!
  3. Like, Like, and Like Some More!
    Really, that is it. Just like what they post. Honestly, did you think there was more to it than that?K95A9275.jpg
  4. Comment
    This is the secret little gem of online marketing. Algorithms looooove comments. Commenting is SO helpful in fact business owners will put together private messaging groups of like-minded people to comment on each others new posts. And you don’t have to be the next Shakespeare or look like you are writing the script for a Gilmore Girls episode. Just a simple “Nice shot! <3” goes a long way.  To sum up basically if lots of people comment on your post it makes the internet think you are cool and pretty and should be shared with the world! (And let’s face it, you should be. You’re awesome.)
  5. CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay, maybe that was a bit of a dramatic entrance but really, it helps! Nothing makes a photographer feel better or helps promote their business more than when you use their picture, (Which you didn’t download without their permission *wink *wink) and then tell the world that “they, yes they,” are the reason for your profile fabulous- ness!
    And that is it! You now have some tools in your hand to help! So between that and your natural awesomeness you can be a greater friend than ever before!